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Published 01-Aug-2002

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  My documents folder  

Since Windows 95, Microsoft has made an attempt to help us better organise our files by providing the "My Documents" folder on our hard drive. When Windows 98 arrived on the scene, the "My Documents" folder was installed with some sub-folders, such as "My Pictures", already set up for us as well.

There's nothing wrong with creating your own sub-folders under "My Documents", in fact that's the idea of this special Windows folder. You know that because every time you open or save a file in your word processor or spreadsheet, the open/save dialogue box opens at "My Documents".

So when you begin a new document, do a little bit of work and go to the File menu to use "Save as...". Now use the icon along the top of the "Save as" dialogue box to create a new folder, under "My Documents", in which to store this new document. Let's say your new document is a letter, so create a new sub-folder named "Letters". If you're writing many letters to different people, then create a sub-folder under "Letters" for each recipient. Alternatively, it might better suit to create sub-folders according to the month.

In a similar fashion, use the "My Pictures" sub-folder under "My Documents" in which to store your scanned photographs or digital camera shots. But before saving, make new sub-folders under "My Pictures" in which to store the photos so they're all classified in some way that best suits your needs. For example, you might create sub-folders of photos for immediate family members, cousins, nephews and neices, friends, local trips and overseas trips.

The reason for the "My Documents" folder is to help us better organise our files. Many of us have experienced the hassle (to say the least) of trying to find a file we worked on several months ago but at the time we didn't take enough care to save it in some sort of order for later reference.

As a footnote, there may be occasions we want to save a file outside "My Documents" and it might seem from the File Save/Save As dialogue box that this can't be done. Note that alongside the "My Documents" the text box is a small down arrow. Click this to bring up the folder tree then choose "C:" to give you access to all folders on your hard drive.

  Tax time  

Being that time of the year again, the Tax Office now enables us to complete a tax return online with the help of their e-tax application.

You'll need to download their free program - it's about 4Mb in size - then provide some identification before filling in your details.

To help you with advice on how to spend all the money in your tax return, you might need to seek out a financial advisor. Use the Australian Financial Advisor Association official site for information and where to contact your nearest financial advisor.


You can keep up to date with Commonwealth Games results from the official website rather than staying awake all night listening to events on ABC Radio.

The four Australian cyclists competing in the Tour de France certainly made an impression on all the media and fellow competitors. This was especially true in the sprints. If you haven't seen how well Robbie McEwen, Stuart O'Grady, Baden Cooke and Brad McGee performed, visit the offical Le Tour site to look back through each day's racing.

Melbourne is hosting the World Masters Games iOctober 5-13 and preparations are well underway. The official website lists all the participating sports and their venues. August 5th is the last day for entries: "You're never too old but you might be too late!".

  Spam in Hotmail  

Use the "Options" link to the right of the top tabs to access the junk mail filter facility to attempt to halt much of the spam that assaults Hotmail users. As long as you enter your contacts in the "Contacts" database, you can set your filtering to "Exclusive" but keep an eye on the "Junk mail" folder in case someone you're contacting accidently slips through.

As well, while you're in the "Options" page, access your profile details and ensure you've unchecked the facilities which enable other users to find you in the directory list.


Skywatchers are enjoying many clear nights at the moment. You might like to get out your binoculars, or small telescope if you have one, to keep an eye on Asteroid 2002 NY40 which will be closely passing Earth on August 18th.

Another couple of science-oriented sites are Sun Spots with an interactive tour of the sun and the report of the finding of a giant squid off a beach in Tasmania.

Technology was used to gain opinions from New Yorkers and others who lost loved ones on September 11th for the future of the World Trade Centre site. Listening to the City and the Web Log sites took part in this process by providing discussion areas so all could share their ideas.

webDotTrainSim is currently running some High Speed Trains, the Eurostar, Pendolino and Voyager. The latter two trainsets have just recently begun work on U.K. lines. The Pendolino is capable of 140mph but is only permitted a top speed of 125mph until the rail system recovers from the Government having to close down the privatised company, Railtrack, which was supposed to develop better lines and signalling. Both Voyager and Pendoline are tilt trains which European railways have been running for some years.