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Updated 31-Mar-2003

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webWiz Online is published fortnightly, usually a fortnight before publication in print in The Waranga News.
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There's always plenty to do around the home

The webDirectory is here to help you get to the web sites that will satisfy your interests and give you the information you want.

To get started immediately, without reading any further, click here.

Sites are grouped under main headings, such as Daily Living or Homework Help. Then under each main heading are a number of sub-headings. Under Homework Help, for example, you'll find sub-headings such as Geography and Mathematics to guide you to sites dealing with these topics.

Let your mouse hover over a site's web address for a few seconds to see a brief description of what a site has to offer (the majority of site addresses have this feature). When you click on an address, a new window opens for that site. Browse the site. If the site seems it will give you the information you need, enlarge the browser window to full size. If it's not what you want, close the window and choose another site from the webDirectory list.

The main headings are also available by clicking on a topic in the box on the right of the screen. When you choose a topic such as Daily Living, its page will have a list of Daily Living sub-headings in a box on the right of the screen, as well as another box below with all the webDirectory headings.

Recent additions - see the box on the right - is a list of new sites added to the webDirectory over the past few days.

  Daily Living  
Around the Home
Books & References
Enjoyable Shopping
Organisations & Groups
The Arts & Art Museums
The Sciences

All the help you need to keep your PC running

  Computers & Internet  
Free Stuff
Build Your Own Site
Office Suites
Searching the Web
Operating Systems

Keep in contact and make new friends

  Circle of Friends  
Keeping in touch
Virtual Communities

Learning has to start somewhere

  Education & Learning  
Homework Help
Learning Sites
Teacher Resources
Schools List
Careers, Further Study & Training

There's always time for a game

  Fun & Games  
Games Developers
Puzzles & Riddles

Turn up everything louder than everything else

  Music & video  
How To
Magazines Online
Making Music
Songwriters, Musicians

Choose a sport, get the results

Olympic Sports


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