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Published 04-Jul-2002

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  The Games  

Just when we thought we were safe from major sporting events, sports lovers will be looking forward to the Manchester Commonwealth Games from July 25th to August 4th.

There are those who love to stay up to all hours to listen to the events on radio or watch them on TV. Those not so-inclined can wake in the morning and read through all the results and news from the official site at

Use the IAAF's official site for the Golden League series of athletic meets to preview some of the athletes' performances. It looks as though the men's 100 metres is already decided. The Golden League meets are also televised on SBS TV.

  Le Tour  

One of the world's biggest annual sporting events is Le Tour de France. This cycling race with its long tradition is the culmination of a long competitive season. While the overall winner's prize is highly sought, just a stage win brings glory and recognition.

The cyclists competing in this race are special - to win requires sprinting ability, team tactics and unique physical conditioning.

Australian cyclists are beginning to feature prominently, with Stuart O'Grady being well-known. As well, Robbie McEwen is remembered for his win of the last stage in Paris in 2000.

Another Australian cyclist with great potential is Brad McGee. McGee debuted last year and competed in a stage finish. Not so well known is the fact that on the biggest climbs, he wasn't far behind Lance Armstrong, being seventh on one of the biggest climbs of the tour. On the last day of last year's tour, every team manager was chasing his signature to a contract.

SBS TV provide daily summaries of each day's racing and will be extending their live coverage. Those who watched the day of racing into the Pyrenees last year well remember the glorious mountain scenery.

So watch for McEwen and O'Grady in the sprints at the stage finishes, the battle between O'Grady and his arch-rival Erik Zabel for the sprinter's jersey, and McGee for an overall competitive performance.


A wide range of courses will be running at the Rushworth Community House from July, including "Beyond Nervous Beginners", "Spreadsheets and Databases", "Introduction to Publisher" and "Internet and Mail".

Remember that the webDotWizards sessions are now available twice a week: Wednesday evening and Friday morning. During these couple of hours, drop in with any questions for the webDotWiz to help you solve. These sessions are also helping webDotWiz, with participants finding interesting and useful sites.

  Changing the weather  

With such severe dry weather in the U.S. in recent months, particularly in Colorado, cloud seeding is a topic that's being talked about. There are a few sites that may interest you. Apart from the science behind cloud seeding, you may also want to read about the legal issues arising from this type of technology.


It's about time that this section saw the light of day so here are brief previews of some of the sites in this week's list.

MSN Messenger is not only becoming a favourite means of communicating between family and friends but the big corporations are starting to realise it's not just an Internet toy. webDotWiz encourages all RushComHouse users to become acquainted with it so it can be a communication tool to help solve computing problems. Windows XP users have a special section online for hints and tips so visit it periodically to help you get the most out of XP and Messenger.

Windows XP users into gaming should read through the information at the Expert Zone at the Windows XP homepage. By now, you will know that Win XP is far more stringent in its requirements for any program to run because of security implications. The principal reason for games to crash relates to hardware drivers that aren't fully debugged, in particular video card drivers. So use the site to check infromation about your computer's hardware drivers and any other advice given there.

A recent survey has found that broadband users of the Internet change their behaviour quite markedly when compared to dialup users. Apart from obvious differences such as more downloads of music and video files, broadband users create far more content online. Although big business may think they invented the 'Net, it's the opportunity for everyone to express an opinion, provide information and comment that is the Internet's strength.