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Updated 06-Dec-2001

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webWiz Online is published fortnightly, usually a fortnight before publication in print in The Waranga News.
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08-Nov    Buying online, looking for a new computer
October 2001
25-Oct    Slowing modems, zipping files
11-Oct    Cheap memory, Star Office tips
September 2001
27-Sep    A free office suite, tips for presentations
13-Sep    The September 11 Tragedy
August 2001
02-Aug    Admiral Grace Hopper, weather forecasting
July 2001
19-Jul    Some children's sites and using MSN Explorer
05-Jul    Remembering ENIAC and SILLIAC
June 2001
21-Jun    Refurbishing old computers, more homework help
07-Jun    Webby awards, planning your site
May 2001
24-May    Your e-business, web tools and music conversion
10-May    Hobbies, graphics and programming
April 2001
26-Apr    LPs and 78s audio restoration
12-Apr    Spyware detection and removal
March 2001
29-Mar    When computers were computers
15-Mar    Tech support and games fudges
01-Mar    MIDI music & space activities
February 2001
15-Feb    webWiz is the homework helper
08-Feb    Technology news & file storage
01-Feb    A better webDirectory for the new millenium

November 2000
30-Nov    Seasons greetings and season sites
16-Nov    webDirectory launches!
02-Nov    Thinking of shopping online for Christmas?
October 2000
19-Oct    Forgotten where to look for free games?
05-Oct    Visit the official Paralympics site
September 2000
21-Sep    Giving your business an online presence
07-Sep    Lots of variety this week!
August 2000
24-Aug    The Olympics and Australian Universities
10-Aug    Your own Internet radio station
July 2000
27-Jul    A software firewall you can use
13-Jul    What's available at ABC Online?
June 2000
29-Jun    Sites for both young and not so young
15-Jun    Cricket, soccer and the GST have centre stage
01-Jun    webDotWiz tries to follow his own advice
May 2000
18-May    Create your own graphics
04-May    Something funny, something useful
April 2000
20-Apr    Finding MP3 music titles
06-Apr    The Net - entertainment or information?
March 2000
23-Mar    Download free games
09-Mar    About anti-virus software
February 2000
24-Feb    Why you should join a mailing list
10-Feb    The first webDotWiz column!


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